Lightweight Mezzanine Floors in Modern Units

Lightweight mezzanine floors are becoming increasingly popular as new industrial units are popping up everywhere. These new units can be erected quickly and relatively cheaply.

Most facilities have high roofs as there’s unlimited space as you expand upward. However, the footprint these new sites occupy are limited by the size of the land available to develop.

Lightweight mezzanine floors made from steel are ideally suited to inclusion in these modern units.

They can be incorporated as soon as the slab’s cured, roof’s complete and the wall cladding is in place. We can also install floors using generators for our power and lighting. Fork Trucks, Scissor Lifts and Cherry Pickers can be powered using gas. Therefore, the erection of the structure isn’t compromised by the lack of a permanent electrical supply.


Lightweight Mezzanine Floors


If you’re contemplating moving to, expanding into, or starting your business from a new unit like the featured in the image, think about future expansion WITHIN the unit.

It may be worthwhile considering Simple Mezzanines to cost your mezzanine floor for installation at the early stages. Otherwise you may get to the point of occupying your new site and realise that you need that new raised floor immediately.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you to identify what’s right for you and how best to achieve your new mezzanine installation – wherever and whenever it might be.