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Answering your Mezzanine Floor FAQs

We’ve recently added even more Mezzanine Floor FAQ’s. These include relevant responses to allow you to get a firmer grasp of the subject of mezzanine floors. This includes the various aspects of their design, manufacture and legislation which may (or may not) apply to their introduction within your workspace.

mezzanine floor FAQs

Visit us and take a look at the page. If you don’t find an answer to your particular Mezzanine Floor FAQ then get in touch with us.

Overcoming Mezzanine Flooring Problems

Some spaces are easier to put mezzanine in than others but it is always possible to overcome mezzanine flooring problems when it comes to installing them. Even encumbrances like existing offices, building structures and roof steelwork don’t necessarily cause us mezzanine flooring problems. If we put some thought into it and you – the client, are committed to making it happen then anything is possible.

Overcoming Mezzanine Flooring Problems A1 TYRES in Hull

Overcoming Mezzanine Flooring Problems

Think we can’t fit a floor in there? Think again.

We replaced their existing mezzanine with a brand new, larger replacement. This replacement had new hand railing and compliant stairs. This allowed them to utilise really valuable space above their block-work office and beneath the roof steelwork.

OK so you may not have a convoluted site like this one. However, our ability to overcome mezzanine flooring problems undertake an installation like this should give you the confidence that we can do the straightforward ones with even more aplomb.

Typically, we can fit around 100m of new mezzanine flooring in 3 days. This includes hand railing and a staircase. And as there’s no need to engage with wet trades (Building Contractors, for example) the job is clean and quick. It will have limited impact upon your day-to-day operations.

Get in touch with us – we’re happy to give you the benefit of our expertise and experience.

Specifying Mezzanine Finish and Upgrades

There are vast possibilities for specifying your mezzanine finish and upgrades. For instance, you could specify upgraded handrail designs and different paint finishes to suit your environment.

Mezzanines follow pretty much a standard design irrespective of their proposed use and are either:

  • Hot rolled main steel structure
  • Cold rolled joists
  • Particleboard or steel decking

From there on in, it’s the way the floor is developed which changes its overall appearance to the mezzanine finish:

  • Retail mezzanine floors have partitions, floor coverings, upmarket stairs and balustrades added.
  • Commercial mezzanine floors have things like carpet tiles laid and partitioned enclosures erected to create individual offices
  • Industrial mezzanine floors tend to be left very much as they were when they were initially built. They have little further development beyond the addition of materials handling and storage products.

You may think your application would benefit from a more polished look. One of the main ways to achieve this is by specifying high quality stair and handrail finishes.


mezzanine finish


Glass infill panels, stainless steel components, powder coated steelwork in non-standard RAL or BS colours can all be supplied. These can all, when done well, add a great deal to the aesthetic of a bog standard mezzanine.

Simple Mezzanines can provide many different mezzanine finishes and designs to hand railing and stairs. We’re always happy to discuss your requirements at the initial investigation stage.


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Lightweight Mezzanine Floors in Modern Units

Lightweight mezzanine floors are becoming increasingly popular as new industrial units are popping up everywhere. These new units can be erected quickly and relatively cheaply.

Most facilities have high roofs as there’s unlimited space as you expand upward. However, the footprint these new sites occupy are limited by the size of the land available to develop.

Lightweight mezzanine floors made from steel are ideally suited to inclusion in these modern units.

They can be incorporated as soon as the slab’s cured, roof’s complete and the wall cladding is in place. We can also install floors using generators for our power and lighting. Fork Trucks, Scissor Lifts and Cherry Pickers can be powered using gas. Therefore, the erection of the structure isn’t compromised by the lack of a permanent electrical supply.


Lightweight Mezzanine Floors


If you’re contemplating moving to, expanding into, or starting your business from a new unit like the featured in the image, think about future expansion WITHIN the unit.

It may be worthwhile considering Simple Mezzanines to cost your mezzanine floor for installation at the early stages. Otherwise you may get to the point of occupying your new site and realise that you need that new raised floor immediately.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you to identify what’s right for you and how best to achieve your new mezzanine installation – wherever and whenever it might be.

Interested in Installing a Mezzanine Floor?

When it comes to installing a mezzanine floor, Simple Mezzanines are a well established and trusted supplier.

Our experience and expertise can be yours for free when you engage us to design, manufacture and install your new floor.

The image shows us installing a mezzanine floor, which we originally built some years ago. We were recently asked to dismantle and re-build the mezzanine floor at the client’s new premises.


Installing a Mezzanine Floor


All we had to change was the decking, since the installation was still pristine and had stood up to the rigours of daily use very well.

Take a closer look at the picture… The stair serves two separate sides of the floor and is located to allow travel distances from each level, so that the reaches from each side is minimised.


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Simple Mezzanines – No Fuss, No Hassle

At Simple Mezzanines we don’t over-complicate our service or try to be all things to all men. We manufacture good quality mezzanine floors which are installed quickly without fanfare.

After all, you don’t want us to take longer than necessary to fulfil our obligation to you once you’ve placed your order with Simple Mezzanines. No more so than we wish to outstay our welcome.

Give us a clear site and we’ll do the rest. We can organise hired-in plant if you don’t have the necessary access and lifting equipment, as well as looking after the applications to your local authority. We can also provide drawings and calculations for landlord approval and fire rate the floor as required.


Simple Mezzanines


It’s all in the name, Simple Mezzanines. So why over-complicate your life.


Find out more about us here, we look forward to hearing from you.

Infill Panels on Your Mezzanine Floor

We can provide infill panels on your mezzanine floor handrail voids like those in the image featured below:


Infill Panels Mezzanine Floor


Logos can be laser cut, and powder coating to reflect your corporate colours. The infill panels on your mezzanine floor can also be incorporated to project a modern, clean and highly valuable aesthetic in your public areas. Even if it’s just a staircase from reception to the first floor offices.


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Mezzanine Floor for a Car Dealership

We built the mezzanine floor for a car dealership pictured below for Porsche in Heathrow. They decided that they wanted to create a secure facility to park their Boxter and Cayman models overnight. They were used to having them exposed on a forecourt and decided they wanted something more secure.

A local contractor will be forming offices above and fire rating the underside. It was therefore imperative that we commenced on time and erected the mezzanine floor for the car dealership in two days.

We achieved both of these feats with ease. The dealership can now drive their used cars into the space beneath the floor with no problem.


Mezzanine Floor - Car Dealership


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Mezzanine Floor Corporate Colours

Mezzanine floor corporate colours are highly important to some of our clients. They are integral to any successful brand and effect all stakeholders.

We are well aware of this and as a result we use corporate colours as and when required. Our finishes are high quality and we pay great attention to detail.

corporate colours - mezzanine floor


We were simply engaged to fabricate and fit a new staircase to an existing office. The staircase incorporates the corporate colours of the mezzanine floor. Hence we satisfied the clients ancillary needs.


If your company is interested in fitting a mezzanine floor or in finding out more about it, please get in touch with us here.

Mezzanine Floor for a Leisure Centre

Last year we completed two mezzanine floors for a leisure centre based in Manchester, which runs an inflatable fun park. The floors were designed to support inflatable slides and cafe facilities. The mezzanine floor to the right has both 4m & 6m levels. There’s even a gangplank to allow users to dive off using a zip-wire!

Mezzanine Floor - Inflatable Fun Park

Simple Mezzanines were awarded the job of building the mezzanine floor for the leisure centre because they’d already installed the original cafe mezzanine floor in 2015. The client remains delighted following  their recent installation during October 2019.


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