Overcoming Mezzanine Flooring Problems

Some spaces are easier to put mezzanine in than others but it is always possible to overcome mezzanine flooring problems when it comes to installing them. Even encumbrances like existing offices, building structures and roof steelwork don’t necessarily cause us mezzanine flooring problems. If we put some thought into it and you – the client, are committed to making it happen then anything is possible.

Overcoming Mezzanine Flooring Problems A1 TYRES in Hull

Overcoming Mezzanine Flooring Problems

Think we can’t fit a floor in there? Think again.

We replaced their existing mezzanine with a brand new, larger replacement. This replacement had new hand railing and compliant stairs. This allowed them to utilise really valuable space above their block-work office and beneath the roof steelwork.

OK so you may not have a convoluted site like this one. However, our ability to overcome mezzanine flooring problems undertake an installation like this should give you the confidence that we can do the straightforward ones with even more aplomb.

Typically, we can fit around 100m of new mezzanine flooring in 3 days. This includes hand railing and a staircase. And as there’s no need to engage with wet trades (Building Contractors, for example) the job is clean and quick. It will have limited impact upon your day-to-day operations.

Get in touch with us – we’re happy to give you the benefit of our expertise and experience.