Up and Over Gates for Mezzanine Flooring

Up and over gates for mezzanine flooring can be a solution to getting your load safely onto the mezzanine floor. It is simple when it’s small, lightweight and can be carried up the staircase by hand, however heavier and larger loads present more of a problem.

Fork Lift Trucks

Typically, Fork Lift Trucks are the most common means of transferring the load onto the mezzanine. This is because they are usually available in premises which benefit from the inclusion of raised storage structures.

Fork lift trucks are a good way of getting the load onto the mezzanine floor; however there must be a safe means of doing so. This is where the up and over gate for the mezzanine flooring comes into place.


Up and Over Gate Mezzanine

Up and Over Gate

Up and Over Gate for Mezzanine Flooring

The safe method must allow the load to be sited. Also, it must protect operatives receiving the goods from the risk of falling when fixed hand-railing is not in place!

Up and over gates for mezzanine flooring like the one in the image are a great solution. When the load isĀ  received onto the platform, the operative at mezzanine level ‘opens’ the gate by drawing it over and downward from its closed position. This creates a recess on the edge of the deck onto which the load can be lifted. It also forms a barrier to stop them from advancing towards the edge of the floor whilst the gate is in the receiving position.

Once in place, the load can be qualified as safe by pushing the up and over gate on the mezzanine upward and away from the receiver towards the edge of the floor into its closed position.

Once this is achieved, the load can be removed into the mezzanine space. In combination with the gate creating a physical barrier to allow personnel to walk right to the edge of the floor. There should now be no risk of falling due to the lack of railing.


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