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When to Use Concertina Gate in Mezzanine Flooring

We recently published a post regarding ‘up and over’ gates. However, other designs are available for circumstances or situations where standard gates aren’t quite the best solution. Find out when is best to use a concertina gate in mezzanine flooring.

The image featured below is a concertina gate on a mezzanine. In this case, the gate itself still hinges at the centre posts. But rather than needing to be opened in an arcing fashion, this type simply opens and closes in an opposing manner. The rear expands as the front contracts and vice versa.


concertina gate mezzanine

Concertina Gate

Other types of gate are available. For example, if headroom is limited, the concertina gate for the mezzanine is good. Where as deeper (or longer) loads might need an entirely different gate design, as will taller loads.

Simple Mezzanines can provide solutions to most loading problems. We can either offer our own products, or if you need a more dedicated gate, we can procure one for integration into your new mezzanine floor from a supplier like DRB Safety Barriers.

Just remember to get in touch with us for your new mezzanine floor!

Raised Platform – Mezzanine Floor

Got the headroom? Use a raised platform mezzanine and free up ground floor storage space.

At Simple Mezzanines we love to spend our time proposing and then installing bespoke solutions to our client’s space management needs. And a raised platform mezzanine can sometimes provide the perfect solution.

We do this by introducing a raised platform mezzanine into ‘dead’ areas. In these areas, headroom isn’t limited but personnel often tend to put pesky weird and wonderful materials. These usually constitute the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ products which can be stacked up against a wall or in a corner.

Raised Platform Mezzanine

This raised platform mezzanine floor was installed to overcome such a scenario. The client then decided to do a stock check and relocation. Afterwards, it quickly became clear that they had lots of product and equipment which was used infrequently. However, it took up a relatively large amount of space.

The new mezzanine flooring provided a cost effective solution to this problem. Those items which are required less frequently will be stored on the mezzanine floor. Whilst the product which needs more regular access will be located beneath the raised platform. An eminently sensible solution.


Get in touch with us here and we’ll answer any of your mezzanine related questions.

Minimising Braces on a Mezzanine Floor

People often think of mezzanine floors as having a ‘forest’ of columns and braces below. This impedes access and limiting use of the space – discover below how we minimise braces on a mezzanine floor.

The below image shows a good example of a floor we designed to minimise braces. This was used instead of crossing braces or struts. We incorporated high level knee braces in order to allow staff to move freely and block store pallets below the deck above.

Minimising Braces - Mezzanine Floor


Columns on this job are around 4 metres apart – if you have the vertical space and the slab’s up to the task, we can go much wider.

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Up and Over Gates for Mezzanine Flooring

Up and over gates for mezzanine flooring can be a solution to getting your load safely onto the mezzanine floor. It is simple when it’s small, lightweight and can be carried up the staircase by hand, however heavier and larger loads present more of a problem.

Fork Lift Trucks

Typically, Fork Lift Trucks are the most common means of transferring the load onto the mezzanine. This is because they are usually available in premises which benefit from the inclusion of raised storage structures.

Fork lift trucks are a good way of getting the load onto the mezzanine floor; however there must be a safe means of doing so. This is where the up and over gate for the mezzanine flooring comes into place.


Up and Over Gate Mezzanine

Up and Over Gate

Up and Over Gate for Mezzanine Flooring

The safe method must allow the load to be sited. Also, it must protect operatives receiving the goods from the risk of falling when fixed hand-railing is not in place!

Up and over gates for mezzanine flooring like the one in the image are a great solution. When the load is  received onto the platform, the operative at mezzanine level ‘opens’ the gate by drawing it over and downward from its closed position. This creates a recess on the edge of the deck onto which the load can be lifted. It also forms a barrier to stop them from advancing towards the edge of the floor whilst the gate is in the receiving position.

Once in place, the load can be qualified as safe by pushing the up and over gate on the mezzanine upward and away from the receiver towards the edge of the floor into its closed position.

Once this is achieved, the load can be removed into the mezzanine space. In combination with the gate creating a physical barrier to allow personnel to walk right to the edge of the floor. There should now be no risk of falling due to the lack of railing.


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Mezzanine Floor UK Based Company

If you’re looking for mezzanine floors in the UK, then look no further than Simple Mezzanines. We are centrally located and serve the entire UK.

Simple Mezzanines have been around for many years and we have installed mezzanine floors in the UK throughout the country. We have even gone overseas when the need has arisen.

Fill in our enquiry form (or email your sketch and spec to us) and we’ll be delighted to provide a free, no obligation, competitive quote!

mezzanine floor UK

Health and Safety with Mezzanine Floors

Simple Mezzanines take health and safety with mezzanine floors on site seriously.

We are CHAS accredited and we ensure that our fitters receive pre-start toolbox talks and are in receipt of site specific RAMS (risk assessment and methods statement) on every job.

We visit your site following receipt of order, so as to carry out not just the mezzanine floor survey, but also a survey of the wider site. This allows us to note any hazards on site and then ‘manage’ them by agreement with the client before we arrive on site to install your mezzanine floor.

Health and safety mezzanine floors


Health and safety with mezzanine floors is a common sense matter and we ensure that our own policies are married to your own in house policies in order to come up with a sensible plan.

Like most things, the more thought we put in to the job at the front end, the easier it is to get things right at the installation phase.

We like to keep all elements of the job…SIMPLE!


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Greensafe I.T in Kidderminster have just benefited from the introduction of a brand new, bespoke two tier mezzanine floor. It has up and over gates to each level, allowing them to utilise space adjacent to their loading bay. At the same time it frees up valuable ground floor space to make life easier when loading and offloading vehicles.
Two tier mezzanine floor
Simple Mezzanines designed the two tier mezzanine floor to utilise the available height, providing much needed storage right up into the client’s roof space.

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Answering your Mezzanine Floor FAQs

We’ve recently added even more Mezzanine Floor FAQ’s. These include relevant responses to allow you to get a firmer grasp of the subject of mezzanine floors. This includes the various aspects of their design, manufacture and legislation which may (or may not) apply to their introduction within your workspace.

mezzanine floor FAQs

Visit us and take a look at the page. If you don’t find an answer to your particular Mezzanine Floor FAQ then get in touch with us.

Overcoming Mezzanine Flooring Problems

Some spaces are easier to put mezzanine in than others but it is always possible to overcome mezzanine flooring problems when it comes to installing them. Even encumbrances like existing offices, building structures and roof steelwork don’t necessarily cause us mezzanine flooring problems. If we put some thought into it and you – the client, are committed to making it happen then anything is possible.

Overcoming Mezzanine Flooring Problems A1 TYRES in Hull

Overcoming Mezzanine Flooring Problems

Think we can’t fit a floor in there? Think again.

We replaced their existing mezzanine with a brand new, larger replacement. This replacement had new hand railing and compliant stairs. This allowed them to utilise really valuable space above their block-work office and beneath the roof steelwork.

OK so you may not have a convoluted site like this one. However, our ability to overcome mezzanine flooring problems undertake an installation like this should give you the confidence that we can do the straightforward ones with even more aplomb.

Typically, we can fit around 100m of new mezzanine flooring in 3 days. This includes hand railing and a staircase. And as there’s no need to engage with wet trades (Building Contractors, for example) the job is clean and quick. It will have limited impact upon your day-to-day operations.

Get in touch with us – we’re happy to give you the benefit of our expertise and experience.

Lightweight Mezzanine Floors in Modern Units

Lightweight mezzanine floors are becoming increasingly popular as new industrial units are popping up everywhere. These new units can be erected quickly and relatively cheaply.

Most facilities have high roofs as there’s unlimited space as you expand upward. However, the footprint these new sites occupy are limited by the size of the land available to develop.

Lightweight mezzanine floors made from steel are ideally suited to inclusion in these modern units.

They can be incorporated as soon as the slab’s cured, roof’s complete and the wall cladding is in place. We can also install floors using generators for our power and lighting. Fork Trucks, Scissor Lifts and Cherry Pickers can be powered using gas. Therefore, the erection of the structure isn’t compromised by the lack of a permanent electrical supply.


Lightweight Mezzanine Floors


If you’re contemplating moving to, expanding into, or starting your business from a new unit like the featured in the image, think about future expansion WITHIN the unit.

It may be worthwhile considering Simple Mezzanines to cost your mezzanine floor for installation at the early stages. Otherwise you may get to the point of occupying your new site and realise that you need that new raised floor immediately.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you to identify what’s right for you and how best to achieve your new mezzanine installation – wherever and whenever it might be.